Charles Polanski, Copywriter


Turn Your Prospects into Customers
with Exciting Copywriting

Ethically persuade your audience to see your
product or service as the solution to their problem.

Need help with writing webpages, email, social media, and more that sells? I can help! Here is some of what I do:

Clickworthy Facebook Ads
Find your ideal audience on Facebook. With powerful copywriting, you'll connect via compelling Facebook ads.

Persuasive Emails
They are already on your email list. Now nurture them, get them to buy, and get them to refer you to friends.

Informative Advertorials
Advertorials are ads that look like news articles. They build trust in your company, product, and service. Get one now.



I know how tricky it can be to find the right words to write. Let me do the research, listening, and learning from you and your ideal clients. I will then carefully craft the words showing these clients how you are THE solution to their problem.

The A.C.E. Assess Process℠
Do you want to get help? Here’s how to get started.


Step 1a. Fill out this easy Get-a-Free-Copy-Assessment Form. I'll review it as quickly as possible. It saves us both time by showing me if I can be helpful to you.
Step 1b. Or go straight to a free consult call, Step 4, by using this link:


Step 2. I'll assess your copy and email you a valuable report. If can't help further, I will reach out to my network and recommend a better fit.
Step 3. If I can help, I'll email you easy instructions on how to schedule a free, no-obligation consult call. to further discuss your assessment and more.


Step 4. We’ll do the scheduled call and make sure we’re a great fit  for each other, before you commit.
Step 5. If we agree to collaborate, we will engage the I.C.E. Copy Process℠ below

Questions? Email me: me (at)

The I.C.E. Copy Process℠
Curious about the process? Here’s a summary.


(1) Go thru the A.C.E. Assess Process℠ above.
(2) Proposal and contract created and signed.
(3) An invoice is sent and paid via bank transfer, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, or Apple Pay.
Get more process details here...


(4) We have a Kickoff Meeting.
I will brainstorm and outline work.
(6) We review outline, revise, & proceed.
(7)  Full copy is written and  delivered.
Get more process info here...


(7) You con ask for revisions or sign off on the copy. Two revisions are included. Extra revisions are available for a separate fee. But nearly all projects use only two revisions.
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Hi, I'm Charles Polanski,
and I am a Copywriter.

My experience as an IT analyst gives me powerful analytical and research skills that I apply to your business, products, services, and ideal customers. This, combined with my eclectic life experiences and intense curiosity, leads to compelling copywriting that connects you to your audience.

My time spent tutoring and creating corporate training, allows me to educate customers in a compelling way. My years of studying the English language, proofreading, copyediting, persuasion, and more lead to crafting words that best connect you to your audience. We can ethically lead them to see you as the best solution to their problem.

My company is Chuck Ski Productions. The Chuck is short for Charles, and Ski is short for Polanski. I go from 5 to 2 syllables, 16 characters to 8, and I get to have a Woodchuck on skis as my mascot!    Learn more...

Charles Polanski, Copywriter