About Me


  • Create customer personas through research and listening to real potential customers.
  • Craft a one-way discussion with the persona that still feels like a two-way dialogue that is personal.
  • Produce words that can inspire, rile up, engross, sometimes all three and more.
  • Assembling flawlessly sound arguments transmitted with deep emotion to a stranger with mere words.
  • Build trust by nurturing communication over time through a thoughtful email campaign.


I seek out small businesses that want someone else to handle writing their copy.

I especially enjoy helping small businesses in my areas of expertise and interests. Here are some big ones that could be a match:

Alternative Healing and Health, Consciousness, Fantasy, Foodie Culture, Hiking, History, Geography, Investing, IT, Marine Biology, Museums, Music (Alt Rock, Classic Rock, Film Scores), Organic Food, Paranormal, Sales, Science Fiction, Space Exploration, Sports, Tutoring, Travel, and Video Games.

If we might be a match, fill out the quick Ask-For-Help Form with me and ask any questions you might have.


My varied life experiences and intense curiosity have led me to my ideal career, copywriting.

My decade-plus experience as an IT analyst has given me the discipline and attention to detail needed in writing great copy. I have gone from analyzing IT data to analyzing businesses and their customers and the copy those companies use to reach success.

My love of research allows me to step into your shoes and understand your business, products, services, and industry. I do the same research for your ideal customers.

My time spent as a tutor and creating corporate training has shown me how to teach concepts to students in a fun, engaging way. This translates to creating compelling copy that also educates customers about your products, services, and brand.

The years I spent learning proofreading and copyediting have given me a better command of the English language and the ability to proof and edit my own copywriting. This allows me to craft words that best connect you to your audience and ethically lead them to see that your solution fixes their problem better than anyone else.

I currently live in Milpitas, which is nestled on the eastern edge of Silicon Valley in sunny California. My feline pal, Pilgrim the Cat, keeps me company.

My company is Chuck Ski Productions. The Chuck is short for Charles and Ski is short for Polanski. I go from 5 to 2 syllables, 16 characters to 8, and I get to have a Woodchuck on skis as my mascot!

I especially enjoy reading science-fiction, fantasy, history, and self-improvement books. The Ringworld books, The Iliad, and The Odyssey are some of my favorites.

I am purportedly an INTP-A, an Assertive Logician.

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• Fill out the quick Ask-For-Help Form with me and ask any questions you might have

Charles Polanski the Copywriter
Chuck the Woodchuck
Chuck the Woodchuck