Case Study for Flexera (Spec)

Flexera One’s Case Study on NotReal Inc. (spec case study for fictional company)

NotReal Inc. Saves Over $105 Million By Switching to Flexera One
Millions of Dollars of Risk from the Danger of Software Company Audits Reduced by 99%
94% Reduction in Work Hours spent working on software license audits. Flexera One’s powerful auditing technology automates much of this tedious task.

$27 million saved just on discovering and ending unnecessary software maintenance contracts. Flexera One’s powerful license calculator found hundreds of unused and unneeded software licenses. The Procurement department happily canceled all of their costly maintenance contracts.

Challenge: Software Asset Management Became Too Complex And Cumbersome

NotReal Inc. has experienced massive growth over the past decade. This led to chaos in wrangling all the different software licenses purchased across different departments and sources.

“Fast growth is a great thing for our company and shareholders. But it also led to sloppily using and hastily purchasing software licenses. You can end up using some software in one place you don’t have a license for. Then in another place, you purchased licenses that you never even needed.” – Sally Smart, CIO, NotReal Inc.

Name: NotReal Inc.
Headquarters: Nome, Alaska
Founded: 2001
Employees: 5,100+
Industry: EntertainmentNotReal Inc.’s various entertainment endeavors produce a range of content across television, movies, and video games. NotReal Inc. utilizes a wide range of software across its 30 studios spread across North America. NotReal Inc. creates the highest quality entertainment content on Earth.
Challenge: License Management Chaos from Numerous Mergers and Acquisitions
NotReal Inc. acquired and merged with several other companies during this time. This led to chaos in wrangling all the different software licenses purchased across different companies and departments. “All the mergers we’ve had has meant a painful process of slowly bringing our IT and Procurement departments together. All the licenses purchased by separate companies with separate contracts have been a pain to consolidate together. Well, at least until Flexera One saved the day.” – Billy Brave, IT Director, NotReal Inc.
Solution: CIO Sally Smart Successfully Fought to Make Software Asset Management with Flexera One a Priority
CIO Sally Smart had recently come from another company with more mature software asset management. She knew how positively Flexera One had helped her previous company. She pushed hard to implement it at NotReal Inc.
“Fortunately, I came to NotReal Inc. after helping implement Flexera One at my former company. I saw the difference it made. Mature software asset management benefits all areas of a company. It especially helps the IT, Procurement, and Legal departments, though. With the help of Flexera’s sales team, I made a compelling presentation on Flexera One’s enormous ROI.” – Sally Smart, CIO, NotReal Inc.
Results: Flexera One Allows NotReal Inc. to Get a Handle on Their 9-Figure+ Annual Investment in Software Licenses
NotReal Inc. spends over $100 million a year on software licenses. Flexera One gave them visibility and control over all that software. They were able to optimize their license usage. The IT teams worked much better with their Finance partners in creating accurate software budgets.NotReal Inc. has tens of thousands of servers with all types of software installed. Much of this involves complicated software licensing, virtualization, and more. Making sense of the rules for something like Microsoft SQL Server can be too much for all involved. Flexera One can take license ownership and compare it with real-time license usage. Flexera One automatically keeps watch over NotReal Inc.’s servers and ensures they are in full license compliance.
Flexera One made life easier for the Procurement departments. Software purchase orders now were clear. Flexera One shows if any of these licenses are already in stock to save money.

“I’m in love with Flexera One! We get crystal clear purchase orders from IT that integrates with Flexera One and our Procurement system. What took hours and days to process now takes minutes.” Isabelle Cash, Procurement Manager, Not Real Inc.

The Legal department was also thankful for Flexera One. The visibility on license usage and contract management reduced the chances of failing an audit by a big software company like Microsoft or Oracle. These audits can cost companies tens of millions of dollars in legal fees and settlements.

“We used to dread getting software audit orders from Microsoft, Oracle, and others. But now with Flexera One, we know we are compliant and can prove it quickly.” – Jose Legal, Chief Counsel, Not Real Inc.

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