The I.C.E. Copy Process℠


(1) Go thru the A.C.E. Assess Process.
(2) We review the Creative Brief, if it already exists.
(3) We sign a simple contract laying out the scope and pricing.
(4) An invoice is sent to the client.
(5) The client pays via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Apple Pay, or bank transfer.




(6) A Creative Brief is created or revised.
We hold a Kickoff Meeting with all important stakeholders and reach a clear consensus on executing the Creative Brief.
Schedule a Creative Review meeting.
(9) Brainstorm & ensure we're on the same page.
(10) I create an outline of the copy for approval.
(11) I proceed with a full, polished first draft.



(12) I submit my 1st draft . It is approved or goes through revisions.
(13) Once no more revisions are needed, the client signs off on the copy.